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We’ve bridged the gap between temporary tattoos and real tattoos. Our proprietary process enables us to utilize the same technology behind the highest-quality temporary tattoos available – those that run through an offset printing process by the 1000s. We take that same technology and combine it with our proprietary Sealing and Matting solution, Real Teal™, to give you a realistic, custom tattoo that looks exactly like the real thing (seriously).

Because our product is coming in contact with the skin, we took the safety concerns very seriously. During active development, we consulted with a chemist, a health practitioner and several printing professionals who all agreed that the ink in contact with the skin is of little worry because of the limited exposure (3-10 days) and the underlying adhesive substrate, which bonds the ink to the skin (and is widely distributed for children’s temporary tattoos), as well as the sealing solution that contacts the outside edges of the tattoo, all of which are FDA approved. That said, we recommend those with chemical sensitivities to test a small portion before applying a full tattoo.
Unfortunately, with any product that touches the skin, there is always the risk of some people having a reaction. Thankfully that percentage of our customers is extremely small.

If a reaction does occur, it's usually a mild case of "contact dermatitis", where you're left with a light red outline of the design on your skin as the tattoo fades. It's generally itchy for a few days and fades away over time.

We encourage you to test on a small patch of skin before applying more liberally.

Orders ship next business day. Standard U.S. delivery is typically 2-4 days. International delivery takes 1-2 weeks depending on the destination country. Tracking is provided for all orders however inside the U.S. But don't worry, we promise it will be worth the wait!

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There are quite a few factors – like the detail in your tattoo, where it’s applied on your body, how well you take care of it, etc. – that go into how long it will last. That said, you can expect your tattoo to last anywhere from 3-6 days (though some customers have worn their design for weeks!). We’ll provide some tips on how to make it last as long as possible with your shipment! The first 24 hours are most sensitive so be sure to avoid friction with your Momentary Ink during this period.

A little bit of baby oil or rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Also, feel free to rub it off in the shower or if you're really "tough", rip it off with masking tape!

We sure do! $8 anywhere outside the U.S. *Please note: we are not responsible for customs charges.

We typically ship next business day via USPS (Domestic 2-4 business days) (International 6-15 business day) and USA orders enjoy free shipping when spending $30+

Taxes are based on the address of the customer and will be paid according to local requirements/law.

Momentary Ink has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our product. However, partial or full refund or return requests resulting from application issues/user error are handled on a case by case basis by our customer service team.

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